Thursday, January 27, 2011

We're down to the wire! (again)

My dear Jammy Adventurists, the time has come. Judging by how things normally are this time of year, what with the end of football and the temporary insanity that such woeful occurrence bringeth, I'd say it's about time, for crying out loud.

Why just this morning I was looking over the final layout pdf. We've had some problems with colors, illustration formatting, fonts, layout, manuscript (kids' books have MANUSCRIPTS?!), cover, copyright page, and probably my cantankerous nature, but now almost all of those problems have been solved (I'll never stop being cantankerous; ask my long-suffering wife). We are rounding the final turn and the final stretch is in sight.

So hang in there, folks. Probably in 2-4 weeks, this baby's gonna be going to print.